Collect wedding photos from guests

One of the best things to do after you get married is to relive it through photos and videos. Whether it’s a photo you hang on your wall, or a video that pops up in your Facebook feed years later, photos and videos from the events surrounding your wedding are the best way to cherish your memories. It’s why photographers and videographers are in such high demand.

wedding group

You will get some great photos from the professionals, but what about the moments captured from your friends and family throughout your special day? Some of your best shots will taken by amateurs using their fancy new iPhone 12.

Ideally you should be able to see all the different moments captured throughout your day, and you shouldn’t have to wait a month for the perfectly touched up photos from your professional photographer.

The problem is, there isn’t a simple and easy way for everyone to share their photos and videos from your ceremony or reception. Not everyone is friends on Facebook or Instagram. Not everyone has downloaded Cluster or The Guest. For every 10 guests, there are at least 100 photos and videos hiding on your guests phones.

Share your wedding moments live

PicPack is here to help and is the easiest way to collect and view photos and videos for you and your special guests. As long as your guests have mobile phones, they can share all of their amazing shots. Videos and images will automatically appear on your PicPack wedding page as soon as they are uploaded. If you have a projector available you can share them on the big screen right next to your world class DJ.

How does PicPack work for weddings?

We have designed PicPack to be the best way for wedding guests to share and view photos and videos. The only one who needs to signup is you. We know Grandma Dorothy wants to get in on the action, so we have designed PicPack to be used by people just like her. No apps, downloads or signups required for participants. Simply a internet connected mobile phone.

Start your Picpack:

In a few clicks, you can sign up with your Google account or email address. That’s it. No filling out a form about your wedding, your guest list, or the date of your wedding. Let’s leave those details for your wedding planner.

example sign in page

Create your wedding PicPack

Create a unique name for your day. Shutterfly has a great hashtag generator that may spark your creativity here. PicPack will automatically turn this into a personalized URL that you can share with your guests via email, text, social media, save the dates, invitations, and printed flyers throughout your various wedding venues. If Caleb and Erin and getting married, their personalized URL might be

You can personalize your PicPack by changing the font, color, and background image to suit your style. Simply click these icons to come up with something truly unique:

Add Privacy

Decide whether or not you want to provide a password that guests will need to enter before uploading or viewing photos. This is simply an optional layer of privacy that helps some couples feel more comfortable sharing their photos to a large group of people. Once you have defined your privacy controls, you can simply click ‘Create Event’.

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Start the party!

After your wedding PicPack is created, you can post your wedding URL ( e.g. ) via email, text, social media, save the date, or wedding invitation . Alternatively, each wedding is assigned a five digit secret code ( e.g. ‘MTVUX‘ ). You can direct your wedding guests to and they can simply enter the 5 digit code. This is perfect for posting at the reception where people will really start having fun posting photos and videos. That includes videos of Uncle Leo breakdancing.

Once friends and families have navigated to your wedding PicPack, they can very easily upload photos and videos by clicking the ‘Add Photo/Video Button’ right from their mobile phone. No app or download is required. They will be notified when their upload is complete. After the images and videos are processed, the wedding PicPack will automatically be updated with the photos and videos.

After the Party

Once your get back from your honeymoon you can quickly download all the photos and videos captured by your guests. They will be downloaded into a ZIP file containing all the original photos and videos with their original resolutions.

How can I try PicPack?

You can create a online wedding with 100 photos and videos absolutely free. No credit card required. If you want more photos and controls, there are many affordable options available. We think after trying it, you’ll agree that PicPack is the easiest solution for collecting and viewing photos and videos at your wedding and associated events. Start building your special day right now by clicking the button below to get started: